Three Days Moving YOU Forward

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September 23rd, 24th and 25th

Hilton Double Tree Suites, Greenwood Village, CO

What Will The Next Chapter In YOUR Life Going TO Look Like?
How do all of the pieces fit together?
How can YOU really bring into being all that YOU want in YOUR life and YOUR business?

These are the questions we will help you answer in this three-day powerful workshop.

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Darrell Stern

Playwright, Director, and Marketing Thought Leader

As your host, I will take you through a musical journey of my own life from struggling with self-identity
and mental illness to pushing through to finding MY purpose in life.

To bring better language, marketing, and theater to your life and your brand,
I will help you create theatrical media and content while you learn how web design, social media, and marketing automation all work together.

Are you ready to fully take hold of YOUR marketing,
media, communications, customer retention, and business?

I can not wait to help YOU develop the stories, content, and media that will move your business and your life FORWARD!

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Faith Young

Author | Speaker | Realtor

The Power Of Connection And The Power Of Faith

Faith Young Author Praises Darrell Stern and Stern StormingFaith Young has created a constant flow of abundance in her life. She has moved past abuse and has created a multi-million dollar career as a Real Estate Agent in Denver, Colorado.
Our connection is way bigger than people imagine. We are all one in this world. We are all one being, and all energy is connected. More and more of us are beginning to understand and appreciate this. Our connection through energy is why when you are mean to someone it comes back to you tenfold. At the same time, when you offer love to others, it also comes back to you tenfold. The more love we give out, the more connected we realize we are, the more compassion we spread, the more gratitude we share, and the more all of these feelings will come back to us.

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World Class Body Painter | Author | Speaker

The Power Of Pretend

Haven’t you always wanted to have the confidence that you have seen in others? Success does not begin externally. It begins with believing in yourself, your company, your product, your service. Visualizing is great, but it is not enough. I know you are curious as to how this works. What if there was a shortcut we could take together to move you all at once to a place of such high self-confidence that you could imagine and bring to fruition everything you have wanted for your business? Stop doubting yourself and move to a place of courageous self-confidence driven by a new self-image. I am a performance artist who will move you through every doubt you have about yourself your story and your image to a place of courageous self-confidence driven by a new self-image.

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Anastasia V Button

Author | Speaker | Coach | Millennial

Unleash Your Authentic-Self. The World is Waiting

Whether you have identified it or not you have a purpose in life. Overtime circumstances, life, culture, relationships and the world as a whole has quieted your purpose. You can feel the calling but hesitate to take action for a variety of reasons.

The time is now. It only takes a little courage, trust and some questions to answer. Finally, fulfill your purpose in life by unleashing your authentic self because there is a message you have to give and the world is waiting for you to deliver it.

Get what you want. Live your purpose. Be authentic. The world is waiting.

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Dan Fowler Imagination EngineerDan Fowler will share his Gamification Curriculum on how to implement the “Choose Your Own Adventure” marketing model to your funnels, events, online media, messaging, and much more!

What you will learn:

  1. How to create gamified connections with prospects online and offline.
  2. How to disrupt your marketplace for maximum exposure and sales conversions.
  3. How to setup, build, and market your own online training course and understand how to take advantage of a membership subscription site.
  4. How to craft the PERFECT business story that will make prospects drool over you and what you have to offer.
  5. How to use YouTube and other video distribution channels to exponentially increase the reach of your message.
    AND >>>
  6. Learn how to monopolize and monetize on Game Boards for Business. Creating physical game boards to enhance your networking groups, live events, business and team meetings and much more.

** We will be playing the Imagination IQ Board Game in the afternoon and Dan Fowler will walk you through how he was able to monetize his game board experience with board sponsors and other investment opportunities and show how you can do the same! MORE Special Announcements Coming Soon!
We would love to have you as our guest and MOVE your business and your life forward.
This is one of the most unique events in Colorado! You will never see a more diverse and determined group of people who’s sole intent is for YOU to have MORE in your life and in your business.

Three Days Of Moving You Forward

In Your LIFE And Your Business Purchase Your Seats